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Friday, December 30, 2011

Whatever Happened to Cake Mascara?

Whatever happened to cake mascara? My tube of mascara has gone dry & it has been only about 6 weeks since I purchased it! I made a note to get some more, but went "drab" for several days before I happened to pass by Walgreens & remembered I need mascara. The Great Lash in the Pink tube, my fave, is almost $7 a tube! Frustrated, I searched for the cake version, which I discovered, does not exist at Walgreens! The sweet young clerk has no idea that mascara used to come in a cake. (I told her to ask her grandma about the good old days!) I grew up on the sixties, and i remember shopping at Woolworth's in downtown El Paso, where my sisters and I first bought cake mascara in a little red box and tubes of lipstick in Candy Pink for less than $1 Sigh. I know: that's 50 years ago! Does Woolworth's still exist in El Paso? Even if it does, a drive downtown entails parking fees, traffic congestion, headache. No one goes downtown except to serve Jury Duty! To the clerk, I commented that my mascara tube had gone dry in only 6 weeks & she said it should last about a month. I thought, "Yeah, if you put on 4 coats maybe!" I buy cosmetics twice a year, max, so I expect mascara to last longer than a month. I came home with that $7 tube of mascara, quite chagrined. I love the way mascara makes my lashes look when the tube is new: I don't even need to curl my very sparse and straight lashes for them to look great. Is $7 for a tube of mascara too much? I believe in minimalist makeup; however, I love my smokey eyes and you cannot have smokey eyes without mascara! People always tell me, "you have pretty eyes," so I have to agree with them! If I had only one item in my makeup bag, it would be mascara, not clumpy mascara, but 2 coats of the stuff to make my lashes look dark & shiny. I have researched Sephora, my online source for everything Mineral when it comes to makeup & eyeshadow, but they don't carry cake mascara. (I refuse to buy makeup at a store counter anymore where you are badgered into buying more than you want!) I got into the Mineral makeup kick several years ago, and I was so impressed with it that I treated my daughter and sister to makeovers & Starter Kits at the San Francisco Bare Escentuals studio here in El Paso! My daughter, Elisabeth Marie, who has oily skin, looks especially radiant in Mineral makeup. Once I used up my own Starter Kit, I found that it is cheaper & more convenient to order what I need online, & Sephora carries everything I need. But mascara: only the stuff in the pink tube will do--until I find the cake mascara, anyway.

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